Sustainable water management for publicly accessible buildings


Today, a valuble resource flushed down the drain

At present, all taps in hospitals, hotels and elderly care homes are flushed with heated drinking water every week. This is done in a vain attempt to reduce the risk for Legionella outbreaks, but it works poorly, is at best a chance-taking and wastes enormous amounts of water.

Zeonda offers a product solution that won't waste water and effectively prevents Legionella outbreaks.

We circulate all water in the system at temperatures where microbes won't grow. 

Sustainable, economical and life-saving.

And when you open the tap you instantly get the desired temperature.

The problem - that costs water and lives

Every week, enormous amounts of heated tap water is flushed down the drain - in an attempt to reduce the risk for a health disaster. 

The reason is the fear for the bacteria Legionella, which causes the potentially deadly disease Legionellosis if it gets a foothold in our lungs. Legionella occurrs naturally in all fresh water and can't be removed by normal water cleaning practises. This is not a problem at the low levels it occurrs in nature, but it grows rapidly if it ends up in stagnant water at room temperature. And this is what happens when 

water isn't flowing at all times in our tap water systems. And it isn't, unless you have a system like Zeonda's. Instead, hospitals, hotels and elderly homes (all with residents from the risk groups for Legionellosis) every week try to assure that water isn't stagnant. 

It mostly works, but every now and then you read about a hospital, gym, hotel or similar that has to close for some time while they clean their water systems. Most often, it's due to Legionella and an intense and harsh cleaning with chock-chlorination takes place. It's not only bad news for the Legionella bacteria, but also for the water purifying 

plant nearby and for the longevity of the pipe system. Chlorine is tough for the "good" bacteria in the cleaning plant and it shortens the lifespan of the plastic och metal pipes by corrosion. And if the chlorine doesn't come in contact with every little crevice in the system, you can bet your money on that you have the bacteria back in no-time. So you flush extensively with chlorine first and then water. Lots of water. Down the drain. 

What if you didn't have to flush away the water for  prevention, or chock-chlorinate everything?

The solution - Zeonda saves water and lives

Zeonda has developed a series of faucets that enables constant 

circulation of cold and hot water. The result is amazing:

  • Sustainability. No flushing needed to prevent Legionella outbreaks. The water saving is measurable significant!
  • Health focus. Residing in a hospital or elderly home, staying at a hotel or going to the gym is no longer a helath risk.
  • Financial focus. The longevity of the pipe system is significantly prolonged, due to reduced chlorination need.
  • Convenience. As a nice side-effect from constantly circulating all water, you instantly get the desired temperature from your faucet. No more flushing for colder or hotter water!


    Zeonda's products contributesto improved environment, sustainable  systems and improved quality of life. You save valuable water by not having to flush your taps to reduce risk for Legionella outbreaks. The continously circulating water keeps your energy consumption profile predictably even and your pipes will be lasting a lot longer.


    The Legionnair's disease, Legionellosis, is an infectious disease similar to pneumonia, but more dangerous. It's caused by the bacteria Legionella, that occurs naturally in our drinking water. If water in our houses piping system stagnates at room temperature (which is what happens if you don't open a tap for a while), the bacteria thrives in the biofilm on the pipe's interior wall. When you open the tap or shower later, an aerosol is formed comprising the bacteria. When you inhale it, the bacteria has a chance to attach and grow in your lungs. 

    Sustainble water management


    Prolonged lifespan for pipes.


    Good and sustainable economy, improved health and
    100% convenience

    Zeonda values

    Zeonda bases all work on our four cornerstone values that affects everything we do. 


    With our products, societies saves precious water by not having to flush it down the drain to avoid Legionella outbreaks. 

    Reduced health risks

    No one should have to face deadly Legionella infections while visiting publicly accessible buildings. Moving in our society should not bring health concerns. 

    Operation economy

    Those utilizing Zeonda products don't have to flush their systems. You save water, have a piping system that lasts longer and you don't need to hire staff to open and close taps. 


    Why wait for cold or hot water when you open your tap? With Zeonda, you instantly get the temperature you want from your tap. 

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